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Wines of Sardinia

We only produce wines that reflect our territory

``that's how we like them``

Our vineyards are located in Benetutti where the rare Arvisionadu grape is found, in the historic region of Goceano,heart of Sardinia. The Goceano is a predominantly hilly and mountainous area and represents one of the highest peaks in Sardinia after the Gennargentu and Limbara massifs, while downstream it is crossed by the Tirso river.

Our Territory boasts many archaeological sites of the pre-Nuragic age (domus de janas, dolmens and menhirs), nuragic (nuraghi, tombs of the giants, springs and wells) and Roman (thermal baths). Altitude of the vineyards: 400 meters above sea level. Soil composition: sandy from granitic decay with small quantities of clays and quartz.

Our history...


The origins

The Tradition

I come from a family of Sardinian restaurateurs and hoteliers

The beginnings

The ancient vineyard

in 2006 I took over the old family vineyard from my maternal grandfather, centenary.



Adriano Dessena

From that day on I started to get more and more passionate about the world of wine.


The beginning

In 2006 I started with a 1,000 m vineyard



The Estate

up to today with about 5 hectares of vineyards



including Arvisionadu, Cannonau, Bovale and Cabernet Sauvignon

The winery

Cantina Dessena

Cantina Dessena is located in Benetutti, in the area called Sa’e Dona Rosulia. Its position, perfectly in the center of the vineyards, allows us to immediately bring the grapes harvested strictly by hand and in small baskets to the cellar. As soon as they arrive in the winery, the grapes are immediately processed.

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€ 22,00

IGT isola dei nuraghi bianco Arvisionadu

€ 19,00

Cannonau di Sardegna doc

Abbèru 2015
€ 44,00

IGT isola dei nuraghi rosso

Balentìa Riserva
€ 30,00

Cannonau di Sardegna doc

Aberru 2017
€ 38,00

IGT isola dei nuraghi rosso

€ 110.00

IGT isola dei nuraghi rosso

Arvisionadu “Fàula” MAGNUM
€ 62,00

IGT isola dei nuraghi bianco

Balentìa MAGNUM
€ 75.00

Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva doc

C a n t i n a D e s s e n a ® V i n i d i S a r d e g n a ®

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